Guam Local Program Council (GLPC)

GLPC President’s Message

Hafa Adai,

It has been quite the rainy season here on Guam and it seems like it won’t stop!

With PCS season ending, we have a few new members at Navy and Air Force to include in our GLPC. I would especially encourage our military members on island to stay active within ACHE as we have been more innovative with methods for participation. Also, just in time for our Hawaii ACHE Leadership Bootcamp!

Although practicing healthcare administration/leadership in a remote location is an amazing experience, it can be challenging at times. Maintaining communication is always the most difficult task (especially across time zones) but working within our community, we are able to get our patients to the healthcare that they need.

As the next quarter begins, I shift past my midway mark for my stay here on Guam. While the island is small, there are plenty of activities and endless places to explore! Looking forward to our next quarterly local meet and greet.

Geojun Wu, MHA
President, Guam Local Program Chapter
USN, MSC, Naval Hospital Guam